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December 25 2002 - NovaWM Alpha 0.8

NovaWM 0.8 Alpha has been released! This release should've been made MANY MANY MANY month ago. I've had 0.8 prepared for a very long time but never finished up the release. I had been focusing on NovaTK and also I have been working a lot lately which has has been taking up a great deal of my time. This is a quick release, that is why the tarball is so huge(Lots of files that don't belong in the release). Included are lots of fixes for stability and support for a configuration file and new menu syntax. The next NovaWM release will be a complete rewrite from scratch and a Beta release. See the docs page for config syntax examples.

June 5 2002 - NovaWM Alpha 0.7

NovaWM 0.7 Alpha has been released! Please give me feedback! Send any bug reports and feedback to! A list of some of the changes: -Unmap Ignore: Somehow the old way of doing this stopped working, there was one or more too many unmap events that were ignore, causing some windows never to go away. Now instead of counting the number of unmap events to ignore, a list of specific window IDs to ignore the event from are used. -GNOME Support: For those of you who like Gnome, you can now use NovaWM as your GNOME Window Manager! -Fix: Fixed bug related to the grabbing the pointer in moving and resizing. -Fix: NovaWM is now more accurate with storing the correct window geometry after moving, resizing, and maximizing windows. -Fix: NovaWM now honors --disable-bar properly. I recommend using this option when using NovaWM as the GNOME Window Manager.

April 15 2002 - NovaWM Alpha 0.6

NovaWM 0.6 Alpha has been released! 0.6 is a complete rewrite with more features and stability!
IMPORTANT: Ctrl+[ switches to the previous desktop and Ctrl+] switches to the next desktop!
New features include:
-Lots of bug fixes (Haven't seen any crashes yet, report any you may get!)
-If the NovaBar is disabled(--disable-bar option) you will be able to use the root menus.
-Click to focus!
-Titlebar with lowered text shows window focus
-Better window focus
-Uses xpms for titlebar button icons
-Virtual Desktop Support(See for more info)
-Handles unmap properly most of the time.
-Highlighting support in the window list
-Clock doesn't update unless it needs to
-Other stuff

March 4 2002 - NovaWM Alpha 0.6

No, this isn't a release announcement. This is a progress update. Version 0.6 is yet another complete rewrite of NovaWM(the third I think), and that's the reason for the delay(Another reason is the new bugs introduced by new features). NovaWM 0.6 has already reached the state of 0.5(except I need to rewrite the bar and file handlers). I have begun to add some new features for 0.6 and there are some REALLY weird bugs that I want to fix before the release. At this moment I am working on virtual desktop support which has no fatal bugs at this time, only a few bugs on putting windows on the correct desktop. I have introduced click to focus and a new bug(sometimes when a crash does occur you can't give a window focus at all). Some features I plan for NovaWM are: -GNOME Compliance (NovaWM will run as a window manager under GNOME) -ICCCM Compliance -NovaWM Configuration Support (Advanced Configuration Support with a script likelook). -A Desktop Manager/Pager (A seperate application that will allow easy management of desktops including previews of the desktop) -A seperate EASY configuration program -Lots more!

December 31 2001 - NovaWM Alpha 0.5

NovaWM 0.5 is out now. And I did by accident leave some code I didn't mean to. The menu is NOW configurable but you are limited on the items because I forgot to remove code that stops reading the file after 9 programs. There is a very strange situation with memory when trying to create the path to the menu file. It seems that if I don't pointlessly use malloc after allocating memory for the filename string the filename string will become corrupt(And MALLOC_CHECK_ reports: malloc: top chuck is corrupt). Anyway, the menu works a bit nicer and supports highlighting. Also I added a restart function but for some reason it will close all open windows when it restarts which means that NovaWM can't be running from a xterm if you use Restart. I also improved the icons :). I'll try to have more done for 0.6 soon.

November 7 2001 - NovaWM Alpha 0.4

NovaWM 0.4 is now available! More fixes and support for transient windows. Also added scrolling support to the window list! Sorry I didn't write partial configuration file support yet.

November 2 2001 - Site Update

I hopefully fixed all broken links. I am also adding the highly requested screenshots section. I'd really like people to download NovaWM and give me feedback on it. Also it should be noted that I accidently forgot to include to the code in the window hide/minimize code to hide windows without titlebars(Like XMMS). That will be there in the next version. The next step is to deceide what goes into 0.4 :)
BTW: If anybody has some good screenshots please send them to me so I can add them!
Also: If you need to make the root window look better use a program like xsetbg or xloadimage to draw a image or you can play with xsetroot as I did in in one screenshot :).

October 31 2001 - Alpha 0.3

NovaWM 0.3 is being uploaded RIGHT NOW! 0.3 has been promoted from Pre-Alpha to Alpha. 0.3 has fixed many problems in 0.1 and 0.2! 0.3 adds more support and compatibility for window atoms and hints. 0.3 now supports XSizeHints and MotifHints! Some windows still leave behind dead windows, though now you should be able to safely destroy them with a simple mouse click :) . Next release WILL include a way to easily and safely set the root window image and color. Before root window drawing was going to be built into NovaWM, but I have changed it to having NovaWM allow the user to select a program to draw the root window. You can use any program such as xsetbg but I will include a program to do it called rootimg.

October 21 2001 - Pre-Alpha 0.2

NovaWM 0.2 is now available! 0.2 is a major bug fix release. NovaWM is not pretty stable. A lot more things work :). But there are still a few programs that can kill NovaWM. The Kill button in NovaWM is still unsafe. Some applications will leave behind bad windows(only the titlebars) that can be dangerous if you mess with them and you can safely ignore them but they don't look great :).

July 27 2001 - Pre-Alpha 0.1

I am uploading the 0.1 Pre-Alpha version of NovaWM! I cannot say this is a official release until some major things are fixed and added. There is still much to be done! Also please note that I am very sorry about the ugly icons in this release. Please do not use this release for day to day tasks on the desktop, it's not quite stable enough. I have to figure out what I did today to make some stable things cause seg faults. Screenshots will NOT be uploaded until version 1.0!

July 22 2001 - Release and Site

The site has been restructured, bring NovaWM to the top directory and Linux Maximum to a sub-directory to be fixed later(The scripts are acting up). I know the release of NovaWM didn't come when it was supposed to but I got sidetracked on another personal and closed project. Now I threw away the old NovaWM source code again and started completely from scratch. I'm currently working on the NovaWM Window List and as soon as it is working I will release Alpha 1.0 of NovaWM. One major priority I still haven't gotten done in NovaWM is cool looking icons for the window management buttons and the NovaBar main button. (The images are drawn manually in the code and there is never ANY external loading with exception of the config file in the future.)

March 31 2001 - Release

The first public release is comming up quickly. The rewrite of the source was done rather fast and later I'll take some time and delete all and rewrite it all from scratch. There will be 2 types of downloads: Minimal and Standard. Minimal contains just the window manager itself and a little program that generates a unmodifiable configuration. Standard will include the window manager, what programs I have written specially for it so far(Such as a little configuration program and system info program), and in future Standard releases will may include the Nova Tool Kit.

March 31 2001 - NovaWM Site

Created the 'logo' above and created the site. Many sections of the site may remain empty for the moment and mabye even until the first Public Release.

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